This section will guide you through five topics to understand the digital world. These are information, problem solving, communication, safety and and content creation.

These five topics are presented in such a way that will help you understand the digital world your students are natives of.

Throughout course, we will show you how to guide students in creating digital content (videos) and how to use necessary digital components in video creation.

By participating in this process, your students will increase their skills and competences in the areas of cooperation, communication, languages, creativity, leadership, teamwork, independence, ICT, and technology.

In this course, you will learn how to help your students develop the most important and essential skills wanted by employers. These skills are not usually taught but are crucial. Apart from being a good technician, students must also possess skills like teamwork, time management or problem-solving.

Activities and materials available in this course can be used with different groups of students: teenagers, adults, and SEN (special educational needs) students.